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Whit Hibbard

Whit Hibbard, a fourth generation Montana rancher and a man with a doctorate in Human Sciences, is the publisher of the Stockmanship Journal. Read more about Whit and his work here.

Recently, he published Volume 7 and has made it available to all, for free.

Writes Hibbard:

The importance of stockmanship is becoming well recognized. However, until now there was no professional journal addressing the subject. Without such a journal, there is no consistent and efficient way to share information on stockmanship in a professional manner nor to engage in an open, intelligent, and informed dialogue.

A professional journal serves as a forum for the clear communication of relevant information within the discipline, thereby improving the level of discourse which advances the discipline itself. Progress within scientific, academic and other professional disciplines depends on original contributions by subject experts published in a journal to be read and critiqued by the relevant community.

Instructions for getting your free copy of Volume 7.

1. Head to Stockmanship Journal.

2. Select Volume 7 in the masthead menu bar

3. Click on “Subscribe Now”

4. Click on “Free Download”

5. Enter your email in the pop up and click on Send link


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