Whit Hibbard: Low Stress Livestock Clinic

Whit Hibbard, rancher and low stress livestock handling instructor

Whit Hibbard, a fourth generation Montana rancher and protégé of the legendary Bud Williams, will conduct a one-day, intensive workshop on Low Stress Stockmanship.

The day-long class will be held May 16 at the Dolores Public Library and is hosted by Tim McGaffic and Ginny Chase Elder of the Nature of Natural.

Hibbard, publisher and editor of the Stockmanship Journal, brings an appreciation for scientific rigor, critical thinking, evidence-based rationality, and empirical research skills to the study of working livestock. He’s a decades-long student of low stress stockmanship, horsemanship, ranch roping, and facilities design.

Think you know it all? Think again, says Hibbard:

“Why would any rancher who’s been moving cattle his entire life want to learn more about it? The cattle always get gathered. They always get to market. They always get bred, right? So why take a class and lose a day’s work?

“The answer is simple: It will save you money and make you money.”

Hibbard’s classroom-only workshop in Dolores will focus on the foundations, principles, techniques, and applications of low-stress livestock handling, all based on the work of Williams.

“Everything I teach is all Bud’s work. I’ve just put his teachings into a more structured format,” he says. Hibbard follows a tightly defined framework based on five foundations, “because before anyone can learn how to work animals in a low-stress manner, they have to understand the foundations of the method.”

Read more about Bud Williams as a low stress livestock handling pioneer here.

Contact Tim McGaffic at 808-936-5749 or [email protected]

Dolores Public Library, 1002 Railroad Avenue, Dolores, CO

8:00 am to 5:30 pm

May 16, 2019

$250 for an Intensive One Day Classroom Workshop

Refreshments provided (Coffee, Tea, and Snacks)

Whit Hibbard, at right, visits with ranchers. Photo by Kent Reeves

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