BestHorsePractices is dedicated to balancing sense and science in the equine world. We review research with an eye toward the practical, asking two big questions:

‘Does it relate to me and my horses?’
And ‘Is it good science?’

To make abstracts and papers easier to understand, BestHorsePractices provides readers with a layman’s translation of the academic jargon and terms along with links to the original online source.

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BestHorsePractices also reviews the massive array of goods and services offered to horse owners. With an eye toward stripping away hype and finding value, we ask:

“Does research support these claims?”
And “Does it work with my horse?”

We test the science behind consumer-based goods and services. We rate and review according to how it suits our reality and how it stacks up from an objective, scientific perspective. Again, readers may rate and review topics according to pertinence and value.

Our goal is to highlight good work and shed the light on ineffective or irrelevant work. Through polite and constructive exchange, BestHorsePractices benefits all parties:

  • Readers have a source for unfettered, unfiltered information.
  • Readers have a voice and vote for what makes sense and seems worthwhile.
  • Readers decide for themselves what makes a best horse practice.
  • Scientists and producers of goods and services benefit from immediate reader feedback.
  • Academics, trainers, producers of goods and services can use this feedback to help shape future projects and products.

With all parties involved and with the horse’s welfare in mind, we will discover and advocate true best horse practices.

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About Maddy Butcher

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Eclectic Horseman essay


  1. I need more details on times/days in order to make plans for air travel .

    Is the Meet and greet October 7 or 8?
    Is the wild horse visit on October 10 or 11?

    Which meals are included. ?

    Does the airport have rental cars?

    Will a specific program be posted or is that a surprise after arrival ?

  2. Wonderful focus for a horse event!
    I’d love to be a future presenter….I present at the Equine Affaire events with demo of fascia work for horses and a seminar on how fascia is the “internet of the horse’s body.”

    Very glad to see Dr. Gerd Heuschmann speaking about biomechanics.

  3. Do you have dates/plans for a 2018 summit? Do you know when the audio for the 2017 summit will be available?
    Thanks in advance!

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