Bitless Options with Ben Longwell

Listen to Episode 28 In this episode, we respond to a listener question about bitless options. Ellie writes from Zimbabwe. Pretty nifty, huh? She says: my question is about ‘bitless’ bridles, side pulls, or the bosals or any other type of ‘bitless’ bridle that you […]

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  • Episode 27: Alayne Blickle and Sustainable Solutions

    Listen to Episode 27 In this episode, Jec visits with Alayne Blickle of Horses for Clean Water. Alayne is a former Best Horse Practices Summit presenter based in Idaho. Here, she talks about many strategies we can use to address best practices around horse management. […]

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  • Episode 26: Coaches’ Corner with Lynn Acton

    Listen to Episode 26: Considering Treats In this episode, Jec visits with Lynn Acton for a Coaches’ Corner discussion around treats. I am really pleased that they are taking this topic. Like you, I have an opinion around treating that has been reinforced by experience […]

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