Today’s horses have it better AND worse, Part I

I’ll be excited to join a National Cowboy Poetry Gathering panel in a few weeks to talk about the state of horses in the 21st century. In Elko, at Western Folklife’s G Three Bar Theater, I’ll sit with Randy Rieman, Bryan Neubert, and Maria Lisa […]

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  • Diagnosis Offers Eureka Moment, I

    In horse work, the cause of an issue may live under layers of misunderstanding and ignorance. The effect might be obvious: My horse balks at the canter My horse drifts left My horse acts aggressively with other horses Getting to the root source of these […]

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  • Are You in Horsemanship Debt?

    In this article on the complicated nature of California’s wildfire problem, reporter Quinn Norton talks about technical debt. She writes, “technical debt is the shortcuts and trade-offs engineers use to get something done either cheaper or in less time, which inevitably creates the need to […]

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