More Crummy Cribbing Research

Once again, Kentucky Equine Research is guilty of misleading the horse-owning public with another “research” article, thinly veiled as a supplement sales pitch. Yes, those quotation marks are intentional. Moreover, we might suggest KER rebrand itself as KERDS, Kentucky Equine Research Dedicated to Sales. Earlier […]

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  • About a Saddle and Being Wrong

    Something tragic and something fun happened this month. First the tragic: I’ve been riding my new, nervous horse, Barry. We’re making wonderful progress. But as summer heats up, I’ve noticed my saddle pad leaving sweaty, uneven marks on his back. The marks are indicative of […]

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  • When Science Goes Sideways

    If science were a horse, it would be an abused and neglected one. This horse would be taken advantage of and used as a vehicle to get humans where they want to go. It would be promoted as a Super Horse, treated like a Vaudeville […]

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