Will Evidence-Based go the way of Natural Horsemanship?

When does a term outlive its usefulness? Decades ago, “natural horsemanship” started out as a term to describe what was, for the most part, a more gentle, thoughtful, from-the-horse’s-perspective type of work. The phrase was used prominently by Pat Parelli and it soon became shorthand […]

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  • Clicker Training: Thumbs Up or Down?

    Editor’s Note: In my conversations, interviews, and observations of scores of horsemen, I’ve come to understand that ‘pressure and release’ or negative reinforcement, is a extremely effective method for working with horses. Since horses use negative reinforcement on each other, it’s easy to understand. Understand […]

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  • Emergency Homework for Horse Owners

    Dr. Rebecca Gimenez Husted was a popular presenter at the 2018 Best Horse Practices Summit. She provided some horse-owning particulars for preparedness here. For more information, visit her organization TLAER or Facebook page. We have a great library of Emergency topics here. Husted writes: Ready […]

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