Dr. Rebecca Husted – Equine Emergencies

Listen to Episode 4 Head to Main Podcast Page In this episode, Jec talks with Dr. Rebecca Husted, president of Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, and a past Best Horse Practices Summit presenter. I’m a big fan. As you’ll discover, Rebecca is a straight talker […]

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  • To Pull a Nail or Not?

    Recently, Dr. Brian Burks, a veterinarian at Fox Run Equine Center in California posted a warning about puncture wounds to the hooves on Fox Run’s Facebook page. In short, he said horse owners should not attempt to remove the offending object. Check out his point […]

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  • Episode 3, Dr. Martin Nielsen

    Listen to Episode 3 Jec talks with Dr. Martin Nielsen, a parasitologist at the University of Kentucky and one of our super-fantastic presenters at the Best Horse Practices Summit in Lexington, Kentucky, Nielsen’s backyard, in October. Martin has a host of popular YouTube videos that […]

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