Episode 13: Lynn Acton & Investigative Behavior

Listen to Episode 13 As I talk into the mic from my Colorado home office, we’re about a week away from the kickoff of the Best Horse Practices Summit in Lexington, Kentucky.  It’s exciting and the days are chock full of tending to details: airport […]

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  • Episode 12: West Taylor

    Listen to Episode 12: West Taylor For this episode, Maddy talks with West Taylor. West runs Wild West Mustang Ranch in central Utah and has been a Best Horse Practices Summit presenter twice. He has scores of videos on his site as well as on […]

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  • From Colic Nightmares to Health and Happiness

    Editor’s Note: After our airing of Episode 10 and Dr. Tucker’s No Grain Challenge, we heard from listener Karen McPeak. She is a Midwestern native now living in the South. She has been involved with horses since her parents gave her a pony for Christmas […]

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