Episode 22: Alexis Kanda-Olmstead

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In what may be our finale on the topic of Gender Gyrations, we visit with Alexis Kanda-Olmstead of Dartmouth College. She’s an expert on gender bias and has some helpful insight and recommendations for horse owners and riders.

Watch her TED talk here.

Believe it or not, our community is full of gender bias. Some harmless. Some harmful. Learn how to discern the two and how to carve out your own little space of healthy, fun dynamics.

Also, we have a bit of feedback on Gender Gyrations from an enthusiastic listener who writes:

Hi! First off, I just want to say that I Love the podcast!

In the opening and closing segments discussing Gender Gyrations in the past few episodes, The phrase “women students allowing poor treatment from male instructors” was used and it just hasn’t been sitting well with me. I think that phrasing it as “women allowing” seems to blame women for the actions of the men. To me, this wording supports the blaming of victims and the perception that victims are responsible for the actions of the offenders, rather than supporting the victims and holding the offenders responsible. Perhaps utilizing a different word such as “women students experiencing poor treatment” may be a way to reframe the situation in a more supportive manner? Just my two cents…

Thanks for the feedback. Good point!

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Thanks for listening, y’all!

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