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Our missions at BestHorsePractices are to connect equine research with everyday interactions and to share the discoveries of good research with Regular Joe’s.

Fred Holcomb

Fred Holcomb

We are pleased to introduce a young man with his feet firmly in both BHP camps: horsemanship and science.

Fred Holcomb, a now-graduated honors student at Davidson College in North Carolina, has excelled at English and Western riding, including a lengthy stint at the Alvord Ranch with Martin Black and seminar work with Black and Dr. Steve Peters. Read more about Holcomb.

At Davidson, Holcomb pursued a psychology degree with a minor in neuroscience. His senior thesis, including a summer research project on a Wyoming ranch, focused on equine cognition.

Follow Fred will:

  • give readers a window to equine research, how it is pursued and conducted.
  • offer notions of how simple theories and ideas can be quickly complicated by the vicissitudes of horse behavior, the vagaries of the environment (including human handling)
  • show us how these issues can be resolved objectively
  • demonstrate how the scientific method plays out in the real world of horses and humans

Enjoy the series and let us know what you think!

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