Tackling Fear and Confidence Issues

We had a lovely note from a NickerNews & BestHorsePractices reader who struggles with confidence and fear issues:

She writes: Last November, you wrote about moving as being like riding and you raised the issue of fear and extending oneself.

I have a great, kind, sensitive horse and I would love to take him out on the trails and ride alone (as you often do with your horses). But I am not a good enough rider. I am not confident enough to help him through his scary moments.

His scary moments become mine. How do I gain the experience and confidence? I do attend clinics but I practice alone in an arena afterwards. We do well, but things fall apart when we head out alone on the trail.

Do you have suggestions for helping someone like me gain experience and confidence to head out alone?

smilThank you for the great email!

Here are some additional ideas:

Confidence and Riding, personal experiences and links. Click here.

Bolting and other thoughts from Buck Branaman

Joe Wolter writes about here.

Chrissi McDonald, who is married to Mark Rashid, writes often about post-trauma riding and getting back in the saddle. Click here.bolt-300x200

Amy Skinner considers the “bombproof” mentality here.

Mostly, dear Reader, remember that it’s a journey. Be patient, try to relax, and enjoy the progress (even baby steps) with your horse.

Good luck and happy trails!


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