Episode 7: Saddle Fit

Kristen Vlietstra

In our 7th episode, Jec interviews saddle fitting expert Kristen Vlietstra. The California-based saddler works with horses and riders of all disciplines. In this conversation, the two discuss simple ways to assess good saddle fit and some common concerns.

Listen here.

Here is Kristen’s blog on Dust (or sweat) marks.

At BestHorsePractices, we get saddle questions fairly often. Whether your riding English or Western, saddle fit can be complicated and challenging, After all, you’re trying to have both you and your horse be comfortable in any number of positions, over diverse terrain, over jumps, or while executing a range of movements.

With this episode, we welcome Horse & Rider books as a new segment sponsor. Horse & Rider publishes scores of books from the likes of Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, Jim Masterson, Buck Brannaman, and, of course, Jec Ballou. Enter “Best Horse” at checkout and get 20 percent off!

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Listen to Episode 7 here.

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  1. Such an amazing brand. I love how much knowledge and information I get from these. Thank you for bringing such awareness to my favorite animal!!!

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