Episode 8: Katrin Silva

One of Lucerne Farms popular forage products

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In our 8th episode, we welcome Lucerne Farms as our charter title sponsor. Lucerne Farms is a successful, small company in northern Maine. On hundreds of acres in Aroostock County – the biggest county east of the Mississippi – Lucerne produces hay and makes forage.

What is forage?

It’s essentially select grasses that are chopped and packaged in airtight plastic bales. Forage from Lucerne may be timothy or alfalfa or a blends. Sometimes, they add oat grass and maybe some soybean oil or molasses.

Forage is an excellent way to feed a hard keeper or a senior horse. It’s also great if you’re on the road. Lots of folks give forage – like Lucerne’s Hi Fiber Gold or Alfa Supreme – during these chilly winter months. It is waaayyy better to give your horse forage than grain. That’s research based.

Learn more about forage here and find it at your local feedstore. For all you riders who also tend chickens, check out Koop Clean, Lucerne’s wicked good chicken bedding.

Katrin Silva

In this episode, Jec answers a listener question about rehabbing an injured horse. It’s our first listener question, so we’re excited about that. Fans know that submitting a question is one way to be entered to win a Patagonia WorkWear vest. So get on it! For more details, read here.

After the Q & A, Jec continues her Coaches’ Corner segment with a super fun and enlightening conversation with Katrin Silva. Jec and Katrin discuss the misconceptions of “riding on the forehand.”

Katrin lives and trains horses and riders in New Mexico and has presented at the Best Horse Practices Summit twice. Check out her book, Dressage for All of Us: How to Make any Horse a Happier, More Responsive Riding Partner here.

In this scintillating interview, Katrin compares a horse’s true frame, with relaxation and engaged muscles to artisanal cheese. A fake frame would be Velveeta. Yikes! She also urges riders to see the whole horse, not just the placement or level of the neck.

Riding Logic by Wilhelm Museler is mentioned by both Ballou and Silva.

Remember to enter our November podcast contest! We’re giving away two Patagonia WorkWear All Season Vests.

Learn more here.

Listen to Episode 8

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