Episode 6: Rider Fitness with Michael Lingenfelter

In just our sixth episode, Jec interviews Michael Lingenfelter, a personal trainer who works with scores of riders, especially older dressage riders.

Listen to Episode 6.

Here are important links that you might enjoy and find helpful:

Michael’s page on Facebook and his website.

Our library of Rider Fitness features.

On Demand video from the Best Horse Practices Summit. Rider Fitness with David Stickler. 

Watch trailer here.

On Demand video from the Best Horse Practices Summit. Rider Yoga with David Stickler.

Watch trailer here.

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  1. Thank you for the great discussion and bringing attention to the fact we need to keep exercising to continue to do the things we love! I’ve had excellent results with the Rider Fitness program this year and highly recommend it to any rider. Its the perfect compliment to Jec Ballou’s horse fitness exercises!

  2. Great episode because I like hearing support for what I’m doing. Walking 5 days a week, Pilates and cardio twice a week, and generally working toward still riding for years. I highly recommend Pilates for cire strength. Started riding at 58 and Pilates at 59 when I realized core strength is the secret sauce. Looking forward to including Michael’s 14 day plan to learn new tips and techniques because he gets equestrian!

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