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Information on the Internet is like that table of magazine in the doctor’s waiting room. Most of us thumb through entertainment rags and look at pictures. That’s the stuff on top. The stuff on top, regardless of its real worth, stays on top. Medical journals, […]

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Three Chicks, Two Horse Heads

Thanks to the work of two talented women, BestHorsePractices is no longer just domain name that I bought last year. All my scribbles, scattered files, and multicolored posterboard diagrams have become a real live website. I owe a huge public thanks to web designer, Suze […]

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Getting to ‘Nature Knows Best’

We all like affirmation. It’s that virtual pat on the back. It’s that positive feeling you get when you find an outside source to confirm your beliefs. It’s especially rewarding when it comes amidst the pressure of opposing views. In horse terms, it’s a lip-licking […]

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