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bhpA BIG thanks to all those completing our recent NickerNews & BestHorsePractices survey. We received excellent participation and input.

Here are some tidbits:

Who reads our newsletters and visits our sites?

— Most have been reading the newsletter for 2-4 years.

— Most are women, between 37-77 years of age.

header_home_02— Many are from New England, especially Maine. Numbers are growing in the western states as well as internationally.

What’s good to read?

It was virtually a tie between the many categories of content. From guest columns and research to personal anecdotes, DIY’s, and interviews, you said it was hard to rank them since you enjoy reading them all. Research and helpful articles for everyday riders, though, were mentioned as particularly popular.

Some comments related to content:

— Articles are getting better all the time.

farm fit1— They are fun, informative, and wide-ranging.

— Merging equine neurology with training modalities is fascinating.

— Thanks for the piece on Rider Fear. After an accident, I was going through it, too. It was so helpful.

— Your piece on Blanketing showed me that I don’t have to feel guilty this winter.

— Your article on Holes in Training made me aware to be more aware.

— At 74, I’m no longer able to ride or have my horse. Your work allows me to be close to horses vicariously and continue to learn.


With the Internet chock full of content, why do you read NickerNews & BestHorsePractices?

— Real people talking about real things helpful to the average person. Understandable language and real events.

— I feel confident sharing the information with others.

— I trust the source.

— I read it because you stay true to your topic, best horse practices.

— There’s research behind the information.

— It’s easy to read and packed with information, geared around everyday people who work with their own horses, not hired hands.

— It’s personal and familiar.

— Often you write about obscure but very interesting and effective horse people. It isn’t just about who is in vogue at the moment.

— I usually find myself reading every work even if I didn’t start out to do that.

— You target the real horse owners and view all sides of anything you air. It’s refreshing.

Miller Jordan works with Line Dancer

When asked what to change, most respondents gave a variety of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, there were some calls for more:

— Research

— Mulemanship

— Features on horse and/or human growth

— Reviews of products.

Thanks again for your viewpoints! By now, all respondents should have received a Thank You token via US mail. If you have yet to receive it, please let us know here.


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