Parker Stables welcomes Evidence-Based Horsemanship




This weekend, the Evidence-Based Horsemanship seminar is lucky to call Parker Stables home.

parker2Owners Cindy and Duffy Parker bought their bucolic, 15-acre property more in Sherwood, Oregon, 11 years ago. Back then, it was not so pretty. But over the years, they’ve turned the quiet but busy stables into a gem.

Over 30 horses have daily turnout in clean, connected paddocks. There are several large pastures and grazing spaces. Riders can work in indoor or outdoor arenas or ride around a beautifully-groomed perimeter trail. Clients’ horses are turned out every day, regardless of weather.

“In the last five years, they’ve missed one day,” said Duffy Parker, who with Cindy dug every fence post and built every shelter, completely renovating and improving the former vet facility. “And that was when we had two feet of snow.”

Cindy said the seminar was a welcome affirmation of what she’s seen with horses all along.

“It’s so obvious that by keeping an open mind and by being with the horses, that they’re not ‘stupid,’ as ignorant trainers call them. I think it’s great to have these facts to back up what we’re seeing,” said Parker.


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  1. It always amazes me the people that put their whole life’s work into the horse industry. A wonderful article, thanks

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