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NickerNews and BestHorsePractices are now part of Cayuse Crest Communications, a family of like-minded, online magazines including UtahOutsider. Placing the three sites under one umbrella allows readers to enjoy their symbiotic qualities and to surf seamlessly from one to the other. It also lets readers know about our growing family of Cayuse Crest Communications advertisers.

Starting this year, we also provide extra value to Remuda Readers. Beginning in November, Remuda Readers will receive monthly exclusive content, including Q & A sessions with premier trainers and vets. Click here to become a Remuda Reader.

For just 10 bucks a year, Remuda Readers (previously referred to as ‘paid subscribers’) receive Thank You gifts and qualify for BIG prize packs, including a 5 Star cinch, a pair of Muck boots, Liberty Bottles and Darn Tough socks.

What’s a remuda? It comes from the Spanish verb, “remudar” which means “to exchange.” A remuda is a herd of saddle horses, all capable of performing great and necessary work. Our Remuda Readers will have access to all the great and necessary work of Cayuse Crest Communications. (No worries, non-paying newsletter subscribers will still receive their weekly dose of award-winning content.)

rr largeThese changes are good!

The growth of Cayuse Crest Communications means readers will get more of what they want. In surveys, emails, and one-on-one conversations, you’ve told us:

  • you love to learn
  • you love to add new tricks to your game
  • you love to read of struggles-to-success stories
  • you love to read about people doing good work and good works.
  • you love to laugh
  • you love to think
  • you love to spread your wings, hit the trail, and give something new a try.

We help things happen. Support our efforts, expand your mind and broaden your horizons all at once.

Click here to become a Remuda Reader.



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