Episode 5: Coaches’ Corner with Amy Skinner

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Amy Skinner

In this episode, Jec establishes a recurring feature called the Coaches’ Corner in which she interviews fellow trainers and teachers to talk about elements of their work. Here, she interviews Amy Skinner from Rougemont, North Carolina.

Amy has studied with scores of well-known horsemen and women and regularly steps from her role as teacher to return to those studies. She has presented at the Best Horse Practices Summit twice and had clinics scheduled around the country and in Australia before Covid hit.

Nonetheless, she’s stayed quite busy this year. She continues to write guest columns for Cayuse Communications and has a wonderful book out: To Catch a Horse: Finding the Heart of Your Horsemanship.

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Listen to Episode 5

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  1. Amy is a terrific person and teacher for both horse and rider. The importance of understanding the basis of the issue as well as the value of novelty are key takeaways. Thanks!

  2. I love the idea of changing up the routine to make them think about things differently!! Also about skipping working on the trot for awhile when the the issue is at the trot. Good interview!!

  3. I am loving the podcasts!
    I have attended 1 of the BHP Workshops, receive the newsletter and have grown so much through those resources. The podcasts are icing on the cake. I am so grateful for the topics and speakers sharing their expertise to help me grow as a rider and better still in relationship and quality care for my horse. You guys rock! A heartfelt thank you.

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