Ballou and Butcher on Episode 4

Jec Ballou

For just our fourth episode on the increasingly popular Best Horse Practices podcast with Jec Ballou, the interviewer turns the microphone on producer Maddy Butcher.


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Says Butcher, about Episode 4:

“As in Episode 1, in which we describe a bit of our motivation behind developing the podcast, we figured this was a chance for listeners to peek behind the curtain, so to speak, to learn more about what inspires and informs us.

“On the surface, it might seem like Jec and I are worlds apart. Sure, in some ways we are. Dressage versus trail riding. Refined – that would be Jec – versus Redneck, that would be me. But as you will hear, we’re actually operating on roughly the same wavelength.”

Maddy Butcher

In this short conversation, they get into some riding ideas that are pretty fun and interesting.  They realized mid-stride in recording that rather than post a marathon, three hour conversation (this is what happens when horse people get together, right?), they’d circle back for another chat sometime down the road.

Here are some references for listeners:

You can read articles featuring comments from Ross Knox here.

Read more about the ‘cons of comfort’ with comments from Randy Rieman here.

Check out Jec Ballou’s books here.

Check out Maddy Butcher’s books here.

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  1. I think that no matter what level or style you might call yourself, in the end we are all the same as we try to connect with the world by/through/with a horse.

    Also, winter or the “Long dark time” as we call it up here is starting and a new coat would be a grand thing to help me spend time with my young horse Keen outside. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dead of night will keep me from time with him but creature comforts always help. Thank you for the blog !

  2. Thanks for this, I listened happily whilst cleaning paddocks after having a lovely trail ride.
    Fantastic points of view and engaging topice. Keep them coming please 😊

  3. Amazing broadcast! Mindfulness is so important! Getting physicalled toned, I also have scoliosis, is a game changer. And that crazy comfort zone must get bigger, lol!

  4. Thanks to Patagonia for their support, it’s so hard for hard working women to find practical clothing that is durable and fits good. Happy to be part of this group!

  5. I finally got around to having a listen and really enjoyed this. I too started in hunters and eventing and many years later changed to western and reined cow horse. Planning now to read both books from Maddy and Jec. You should consider having James Shaw on a podcast. If you’re not familiar with him check out Ride From Within. Liang Gong has done wonders for this aging body and my cow horse loves his approach to riding. Might be too late for the Patagonia give away but would love consideration!

  6. Excellent podcast. I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for the enlightenment, encouragement *and*practical hands-on tips!

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