Episode 19: Dr. Doug Thal

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For this episode, Jec interviews Dr. Doug Thal of Thal Equine in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I first started talking with Doug a year or more ago. He came highly recommended by Katrin Silva as someone personable and knowledgeable on all things horses and vets. And boy isn’t he. Thal created Horse Side Vet Guide, a free online resource for equine medical questions. Oh and this news, hot off the press: Dr. Thal will present at the 2022 Best Horse Practices Summit in Kentucky this October.

In this conversation, Jec and Doug discuss the relationship, the skills, and the communication that must exist between horse, owner, and vet. It is something we have written recently here and here.

Having good rapport with your horse and your vet might be the most important element of your ownership. When a crisis comes along – and that’s a when not an if – it’s essential that you get along with both your horse and vet. Of course, both vet and owner need to have essential skills around handling and treatment. Doug and Jec talk about that, too.

Hubris, it seems, is the frequent ill of so many interactions. There are so many take-aways from this conversation and it’ll be great to visit again with Dr. Thal down the road. But for now, remember to stand up for your horses, make sure you can handle them well in all sorts of situations, and know when to say, ‘this isn’t working.’

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Listen to Episode 19

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