Episode 18: Coaches’ Corner with Amy Skinner

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As you have probably heard, our show is an enlightened space for riders and horse owners of all disciplines to learn best practices and to discover ways to better connect with their horses. Plus, we like to feel safe and have fun.

Jec Ballou

And speaking of feeling safe and having fun, we’re doing a series of clinics this year with Jec, Amy Skinner, and Katrin Silva. The three Cayuse Collaborative Clinics feature these talented horsewomen helping students of all disciplines. The first one is in Santa Fe next month and then later in the year in North Carolina and California. Hope to see you there!

For this episode, Jec visits with Amy Skinner for a Coaches’ Corner. They discuss socialization for horses. This topic includes ideas around taking a horse from his buddies as well as getting along with other horses on a ride or in a clinic, for instance.

Barn sourness is often labelled as a vice, but I like to consider it an opportunity to make some progress and to expand a horse’s comfort zone. After all, horses are meant to be in a herd. That is where they have evolved over millennia and that’s where they feel safest. Do you have a bunch of strategies for working with a horse who’s fussing a bit when leaving the barn? How big is that compartment of your horsemanship toolbox?

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Listen to Episode 18

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  1. 20 minutes of sound advice – a great listen and only 20 minutes about the importance of working with the horse so they have confidence in leaving their friends and trusting their human handler to ensure the horse is safe. It results in a confident horse in different situations. Also helpful to hear that the trainers also have to put themselves out of their own comfort zone to help the horses have the experiences needed. Thank you!

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