Eclectic Horseman Sponsors the Summit

This week, the Best Horse Practices Summit board of directors and steering committee excitedly welcomed Eclectic Horseman Communications, Inc., the renowned brand offering a wealth of education opportunites in the form of a popular magazine and DVD subscriptions, to our growing family of sponsors. It’s a natural fit as Eclectic Horseman and the BHP Summit are deeply invested in improving the horse-rider connection through education.

Eclectic Horseman President Emily Kitching writes:

People want to do right by their horses. I believe this to be true. At Eclectic Horseman, we do our part to make the world a better place for horses by offering well-illustrated alternatives and ideas. I firmly believe that in the horsemanship world, continuing education is the answer.

That’s why we have decided to sponsor and support the Best Horse Practices Summit. With its mix of research and common sense presentations, it’s an event your horse would want you to attend.

How do we learn what is best for our horses in their training and in the whole of their lives? Our horses did not choose to be in our care. We chose them. We are responsible for their well-being, both physical and mental.

EH President Emily Kitching

Educating humans, however, can be a tall order. Some people learn by observation, others through reading, and many of us through the age-old tradition of trial and error. Unfortunately, while so many of us are open to ideas about how to ride and build a relationship in the saddle, we overlook all the pieces that led to our being up there.

The Summit is the kind of conference that will pull back and look at horsemanship with a wide lens before diving in to consider details. That’s our approach, too, at Eclectic Horseman.

See you in Durango!

Thanks Emily and Eclectic Horseman. We appreciate your thoughtful and enthusiastic support!

The BHP Summit welcomes Eclectic Horseman

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