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Dear Horse Friends,

I would like to suggest a fun, enjoyable To-Do list:

  • Visit the Colorado’s beautiful mountains in October.
  • Hear presentations from world-renowned horse presenters, enjoy great hotel fare, and mingle with good company. Be inspired and come home an improved horse owner and rider.
  • Enter to win a free 5 Star Saddle Pad.

What a fun and exciting trifecta. Let’s do it!

The great folks at 5 Star Equine Products in Hatfield, Arkansas have made it possible for the Best Horse Practices Summit to offer one lucky registrant a free saddle pad! Register by August 1 to qualify. Register now!

Anyone already registered or who registers before August 1 will be entered to win one of their world’s finest, wool felt pads, valued between $250-300 (depending on style). The lucky winner will choose and take home their 5 Star pad at the Summit headquarters in the Strater Theater.

Register now!

Already registered? You’re automatically entered.

Taking advantage of the Bring Three, Get in Free special? You’re still automatically entered.

See you in Durango!


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  1. No reason to wait any longer..I knew I was going but a chance to win that pad pushed me over the edge to register. See you at the Summit

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