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Buck the Trend is a pilot mental health forum, run under the 501 c 3 non profit organization, Best Horse Practices Summit, for cowboys, farriers, trainers, and others in our horse community. It is a two-and-a-half day, all expenses paid workshop focused on skill-building and elevating the mental health conversation in our community. Supported by an initial grant from the LOR Foundation and with gear provided by Patagonia Workwear, it’s an opportunity to focus on ourselves for a moment, so that we can enhance and improve what’s around us, specifically, the well-being of those close to us, humans and non-humans alike, as well as the greater horse community.  Donate here

Read more about BTT here.

The inaugural program was held in February, 2024, in southwestern Colorado.

Group discussion at BTT

Here are podcast episodes with interviews from participants. Listen here or find the Best Horse Practices podcast on your favorite platform.

Dan Flitner, Oregon rancher and horseman 

BTT Therapists KD Bryant and Joseph Prekup

Daniel Dauphin, Louisiana trainer and bit expert

Sara Lowe, Wyoming trainer and clinician


Watch Sara Lowe’s five-minute talk here.

Watch Daniel Dauphin’s nine-minute BTT review here.

Donate to Buck the Trend here

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