Ah-Helmet, Chris

Chris Sprague

Less than six hours ago, my wife gets a call that my daughter has fallen off her horse and we need to come. I didn’t know what to expect. My wife and I race off in the truck about a mile up the road. My mind raced wildly and I prayed as we took each turn wondering what would be around the bend. My heart sank. There was my eighteen year old daughter wearing a helmet, lying in the tar roadway on her back. My twelve year old daughter huddled over her, holding her head still.

As I race to her, people at the scene are telling me she is ok. As I kneel by her and help hold her head still, others inform me ah helmetthat the horse stumbled in the soft shoulder losing her balance and my daughter tried to jump off avoiding getting crushed by the horse. She got her boot caught in the stirrup and hit the back of her head on the tar. She was unconscious about thirty seconds, and could not remember what happened.

She was taken by ambulance to the hospital she was given a through exam and found to have a mild concussion. When we left the hospital and got in the truck to come home, I was looking at the helmet and found where the foam was cracked and the outside had a large dent in it. Below the dent was the name TROXEL. The helmet did what it was suppose to do, protect my daughter. She is home tonight, with a headache and sore, but she is ok.Thanks to God for looking out for my daughter. Thanks to my youngest daughter for looking out for her older sister. And I am thankful that my daughter, who has been riding since she was five, knows to always wear ah-helmet.

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  1. Just like there is no excuse for not BULKING UP, there is no excuse for not wearing a HELMET. This gave a bad event a happy ending.

  2. Chris you should really answer your story I would certainly vote for you I am sure you are very proud of you girls wear their helmet thankful he would have my book

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