Ah-Helmet, Amber

Amber Hurlock

My ah-helmet moment happened to me during two of my High School Rodeos. We had just gotten a new roping horse a few days before the first rodeo.he was everything that i was looking for. Then during our team roping run, he bucked me off into the fence. I was ok thanks to my helmet, no concussion or anything.

Then two weeks later we I rode the same horse at another rodeo. Once again, he bucked me off. This time there was damage. I was bucked off and hit face first into the arena fence. I broke my nose, busted by lip/braces, got a major black eye, and four ah helmetstitched above my left eye. The bill of my helmet broke off, but that was it. There was no other damage to my helmet( or my head, no concussion either). I love my helmet, it saved my life. If I wouldn’t have worn it, I could have had more damage than I came out with. I wear my helmet every time I ride, no matter whether it’s just a bareback ride or a rodeo.

I am one of the only high school kids that rodeos with a helmet. I would rather look stupid wearing a helmet, than look professional wearing a cowboy hat, and risk the chance of not being able to do what I love ever again. I wish more people (especially my rodeo family) would wear helmets more often. It would kill me to see anything happen to anyone of my rodeo friend that could have been prevented by wearing a helmet. Your brain doesn’t care what’s stupid looking or not. It just cares about still working (or working properly)!! So I encourage everyone to wear a helmet! Who cares what you look like, I know your brain doesn’t!

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