Life-long Learning, Part I

A curious sensation came over me when researching and writing about the Wobble Board of Learning: I got a dopamine rush. I experienced the very phenomenon I was attempting to explain. It was like being dizzy while describing the sensation of being dizzy. Read about […]

Survey says…”Yes!”

A BIG thanks to all those completing our recent NickerNews & BestHorsePractices survey. We received excellent participation and input. Here are some tidbits: Who reads our newsletters and visits our sites? — Most have been reading the newsletter for 2-4 years. — Most are women, […]

More on Vision

By Maddy Butcher We live near public trails here in Utah. With the windows open, it’s easy to hear horses and riders as they travel through the rugged country. But around midnight? Thanks to horses’ superior night vision and to their uncanny memory of place, […]

Vision & Head Restraint

By Maddy Butcher The more you know about your horse’s vision, the better partner you’ll be. Why? Most of us don’t give horses enough credit and responsibility for what they see and how they deal with it, according to several experts. The result is often […]

Saddle Struggles and Progress

If progress must be defined by always moving forward, then my progress with the mule would not be progress at all. Since my last posts, we’ve ridden many miles. Most have been pleasant, full of camaraderie and connection. There’ve been some unexpected bolts and bucks […]

First Trail Ride, Part II

The first trail ride with the mule proceeded after she gave me a few bucks and raced towards trees and our fence. (Thank you, trees and fence for stopping us.) Read Part I. Steve and Comet were crucial riding partners. They rode ahead and blocked […]

When Grazing Doesn’t Come Naturally

I reached a new milestone with the mule yesterday. It had nothing to do with riding or saddling or lateral flexion, although we’ve made great strides in those areas. At first glance, this milestone might be considered a non-event in comparison. It involved the simple […]

Welcome 5 Star

Saddle pads and cinches aren’t the most glamorous tack items in your barn. But they may be the most essential. Bad ones make your horse miserable and cause sores and sore muscles. Good ones make even marathon rides easy and fuss-free. Just ask Ben Masters, […]