Welcome 5 Star

Saddle pads and cinches aren’t the most glamorous tack items in your barn. But they may be the most essential.

  • 5 star 1Bad ones make your horse miserable and cause sores and sore muscles.
  • Good ones make even marathon rides easy and fuss-free.

Just ask Ben Masters, leader of the Unbranded team. The four men and 14 horses have nearly completed their 3,000 mile trek from Mexico to Canada.
Masters told me their 5 Star Equine pads and cinches have been the key to comfort for horses and riders.

“I’ve used their products in the past. Never had any problems. We decided to outfit pads and cinches entirely with 5 Star. I’m really glad we did,” said Masters during a rare rest day in Lincoln, Montana.

unbranded1There’s a lot to like and we’re thrilled to welcome the company to our sites:

  • 5 Star uses wool. It’s natural.
  • Research shows no synthetic fabrics outperform it for wicking away moisture and keeping horses comfortable.
  • If you call them, you’ll talk with a real person and get sound advice on the best pad for your horse and the work you’re doing.

The Unbranded team uses Mountain Packer Pack Saddle pads. I’m ordering a pad specially contoured for the new mule, Jolene.
Check them out here.


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