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In 2016, we’re dedicating several Remuda Reader pages to Rider Fitness, with features from an exclusive group of horsemen and women. These pages are now available for free to the public. Enjoy!

Dr. Steve Peters

Randy Rieman

Ellen Eckstein1

Amy Skinner

Jim Thomas

Martin Black

Russ & Marsha Jones, accomplished riders from Wolverine, Michigan

Katrin Kuenstler and others on Rider Balance.

Read additional FREE features from:

Beth Austin, renowned physical therapist

Christina Savitsky, founder of Buckaroo Balance

Jec Ballou, classical dressage clinician

Core Strength Exercises for Riders

Why Fitness?

Forget the books, the DVDs, the clinics, the lessons. Being fit and trim, these folks say, is the best way to move forward and make progress with your horse.

Already fit? Kudos.

Struggling? You’re not alone.

rr 1_20150903161949Make a commitment to do right by your horse. Research shows your weight and core strength have everything to do your riding success. Weight and strength affect your form, balance, timing, and feel. They correlate directly with your reaction time, your risk to injury, your confidence, and the stress you place on your horse. Plus, as noted by riders Russ and Marsha Jones, it’s simply more enjoyable when you’re fit and trim.

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