Whoa Podcast to Cover the Summit

We’re thrilled to announce that The Whoa Podcast, an informative online platform run by John Harrer and his wife, Ranae, will be traveling to Durango to cover the entire Best Horse Practices Summit in October.

Harrer interviewed Maddy Butcher and Dr. Steve Peters about it here. He’s also visited with BHPS presenters Warwick Schiller, Martin Black, and will soon air an interview with wild horse advocate TJ Holmes, who will host an elective BHPS field trip on October 11 (details to follow).

Harrer has this to say about his BHPS coverage:

Great horsemen gained their experience from riding many horses.  As recreational riders, we don’t have this opportunity.  The goal of our weekly podcast is to inform and entertain horse owners.  We are constantly looking for reliable information that helps owners build a better relationship with their horse. 

Many of today’s horse owners struggle with their horsemanship and are looking for solid answers.  We see the Summit’s unique format of lecture sessions blended with arena sessions as a great way to learn, then “put into practice.”And, it’s all mixed with the wonderful atmosphere of Durango and a bit of fun like the Celebrating the Dorrance Legacy evening.

Ranae and I are very excited to be covering the Best Horse Practices Summit for The Whoa Podcast about Horses and Horsemanship.  We look to come away from the Summit with well-founded, practical tools we can immediately use on our horses and share with our Whoa Podcast audience.

Thanks, John! See you in October.

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