Summit Riders Wanted

Best Horse Practices Summit presenters Warwick Schiller and Jim Thomas are looking for a few good riders with issues. Would you like to ride at the Summit?

If you fit our criteria, you could ride with Schiller or Thomas at the LaPlata Fairgrounds in Durango, Colorado, October 9 and 10. It’s free to riders who have signed up for the Summit! If you are an intermediate or accomplished rider and would like to participate, contact us here.

The ideal candidate can easily walk, trot, and canter and is someone who has brought this horse to arenas and public settings prior to the Summit – but may have a particular issue or challenge.

“It might be that they have a new horse, that’s just a ball of energy underneath them and maybe that rider has been used to another, more easy-going horse,” said Thomas.

Here’s a sneak peak of what their presentations will involve:

Warwick Schiller:

Schiller believes horses must be mentally balanced in order to become physically balanced. When a horse is mentally balanced, his body can become pliable for the rider to direct. But when there is interference, the horse becomes unable to focus on the rider’s request and it will offer resistance.

Schiller offers an approach that puts the horse first and emphasizes the need for a relaxed and willing equine partner.

Jim Thomas:

Picture the “perfect” horse and rider pair. They work together seamlessly. The horse is supple, the rider is providing subtle cues with light hands, and they as if they’re performing choreography to inaudible music. How does that compare to the way you and your horse work together?

If you are an intermediate or accomplished rider and would like to participate, contact us here.

Riders must have a negative Coggins and a recent health certificate. Stock pens are available for overnight stays at the fairgrounds. Cost is $11 per night. For more information, contact Angela Fountain at Angela.fountain at or at 970 382 6465.

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