WiseAssWallace: My Take on Equine Media World

WiseAssWallace is a beloved guest columnist for Cayuse Communications. From his pasture in southwestern Colorado, he’s on a quest to improve horse-human connections and make lives better for his fellow equines.

In this installment, WiseAssWallace talks about the perils of mainstream horse media.

WiseAssWallace writes:

I’d like to provide you with some truths about today’s equine world.


There are lots of questionable, trend-oriented equine websites created to sell product first, educate horse owners and riders second (if that). Poor readers get caught up in the flash and the spin. They struggle to invest thoughtfully in real knowledge and in the real important relationship with us horses, donkeys and mules. How these people train, who they follow, what they feed, what trailer they purchase is dictated by trends and so called “expert” testimonials. It’s not based on common sense or research or what’s best for us.


Cayuse Communications and the Best Horse Practices Summit are different. They put us four-legged’s first. These sites and the October conference are smart, lively, “bling, no bullsh*t” offerings with zero tolerance for hokey solutions, bad science, and the almighty need for the selly-sell.


For too long, women especially have been spun a yarn full of the warm and fuzzies. Horse ownership and riding is not rainbows, ribbons, and “my horse loves me.” That kind of stuff is modern day make-believe. Seriously, it does us and our humans a great disservice.

People, we’re not playing house. We deserve better!

Life with us can be complicated, challenging and full of learning. It demands an intellectual diet of meat, roughage, and whole grains, not fluffernutters and cotton candy.


If you’re frustrated with the status quo, join the conversation at Cayuse Communications and the Best Horse Practices Summit.

You will be inspired and educated.

You’ll find a community of like-minded, discerning horse owners and riders. Like you, they have grown weary of the shtick.

Here, you will find thoughtful, researched material that allows you to get closer to us, as riders, partners, and owners. Believe me, WiseAssWallace, these sites are making life better for equines, one human at a time.

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