Wild Fed Joins Summit Charter Sponsors

This week, we welcome a new sponsor to our fantastic roster of Best Horse Practices Summit Charter Sponsors.

Wild Fed, a horse feed company founded by Dr. Samantha Johnson, a naturopathic physician, will be featured at the Best Horse Practices Summit.

Johnson started the company around the time she was seeking solutions for her aging horse, Shadow.

She said:

“Just before Shadow’s 30th birthday, his teeth were so worn down that he started choking on hay and was no longer able to hold his weight eating just hay. I needed to add calories with something easily digestible but also with a high nutrient value to support his aging body. The senior feeds on the market contained undesirable industry by-products such as peanut hulls, soybean meal, beet pulp, rice bran as well as sweeteners and synthetic nutrients.”

It’s a challenge many of us face as we see our beloved companions move into their senior years. BHPS attendees will have the opportunity to talk directly with Johnson about Wild Fed offerings.

Wild Fed ingredients include: Non-GMO Orchard Grass, Non-GMO Alfalfa, Non-GMO Timothy Grass, Non-GMO Oats, Sunflower Seeds, Chia Seeds, Organic Dandelion Leaf, Organic Rosehips, Organic Red Clover leaf and blossom, and other ingredients.

The best way to discern how to produce the perfect feed, Johnson said, was in her keen and dedicated observations of horses grazing freely in pastures:

“The key to designing an amazing feed was to pay close attention to what horses eat, when left to there own devices. I spent hours with Shadow and my other horse, Shya, while they grazed in the pasture, and I observed the types of grasses and herbs they sought out.”

Look for Johnson at the Summit. And look for samples of Wild Fed in your swag bag!

Dr. Samantha Johnson and her senior horse, Shadow

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  1. I will definitely look Wild Fed up while at the Summit. I have this issue with both my senior horses; they need more than just hay, alfalfa cubes, and grass (that is not plentiful) can provide. They are doing great with the senior feed they get, but I’m definitely open to what else is available for them.

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