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Information on the Internet is like that table of magazine in the doctor’s waiting room. Most of us thumb through entertainment rags and look at pictures. That’s the stuff on top.

The stuff on top, regardless of its real worth, stays on top. Medical journals, which might have the content to enlighten us, remain buried and unread.
In today’s culture, we reward flash. Sound bites and first impressions draw the most clicks. And clicks beget more clicks. It doesn’t pay to be quiet.
But research shows that quiet people often have the best ideas. In the horse world, especially, I think those least interested in flash can be the most worthy of attention.

Where would Tom Dorrance have ended up on the proverbial Waiting Room table?

Would you have dug deep to find him?

How we further our horsemanship will be decided, in part, by how well we dig through the Waiting Room selection and whether we have the tools to understand the more serious material. We can learn a lot to from the quiet folks.

As it debuts, BestHorsePractices will not show up as anyone’s top search result. And that’s ok. Because again, research shows the most powerful ideas and the most relevant materials aren’t always on the surface. You have to dig for them.

Welcome to BestHorsePractices.

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