Wayne Channon and Welcome ISES, part I

If you have your ear to the rail, you know that the horse world is about to be showered with science.

Drenched even.

Folks are looking more and more to research for verdicts on everything from rein tension to hay soaking.

barnWhat station is your barn radio tuned to? There’s a study on that, too.

It’s a welcome shift for a community and culture that’s been stifled by the “What We’ve Always Done” maxim for generations.

No disrespect to Tradition.

Certainly, there is some merit in tried-and-true methods.

But one need look no further than research [and uproar] on collection [and hypercollection], to see that some techniques are flawed, ineffective, and inhumane.

Change is afoot.

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Celebrated dressage rider Wayne Channon endorsed the movement at the International Society of Equitation Science conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, last summer.

“The long term future of equestrian sports is one which is supported by science and is evidence led,” said Channon. “By applying channonthe results of quality research to the everyday management and training of horses, the sport will be accountable and sustainable and should be unafraid of scrutiny.”

What does this mean for BestHorsePractices?

Think of BHP as the Consumer Reports for all those horse traditions and research topics.

We’re gonna be busy.

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