Temple Grandin Supports the BHP Summit

Dr. Temple Grandin, a pioneer in animal welfare and in the reform of livestock handling, likes what she sees at the inaugural Best Horse Practices Summit, October 8-10, in Durango, Colorado.

Grandin, author of numerous books, subject of an award-winning movie, and recent inductee to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences said the conference undoubtedly will help humans improve their connection with horses.

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In a recent interview, she said, “We humans communicate to each other mostly with words. But if you want to understand horses, you need to get away from verbal language. Animals are sensory-based thinkers, not word-based thinkers. Their memories are in pictures, audio-clips, smell or touch sensations. Theirs is a nonverbal, sensory-based world.

“The Best Horse Practices Summit, with its ingenuous blend of academic and arena presentations, will help people understand horses’ world. It offers the horses’ perspective.

“With the Summit presentations on brain science, biomechanics, and hoof research, owners and riders will come away with new information to make their horses’ lives better because they will understand their perspective better.

“For decades, I’ve traveled the world helping humans understand animals and giving people tools and mandates for improving animals’ lives. We raised them. They deserve our respect. The Best Horse Practices Summit has the same goal and mission. I applaud their efforts. “

Thanks, Dr. Grandin!

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