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The Soulfolle Creative team of Beau Gaughran and Tommy Costello

Soulfolle Creative, the video production team hired by the Best Horse Practices Summit to edit, optimize, and upload the entire schedule of Best Horse Practices Summit presentations, has been hard at work this winter. Beau Gaughran and Tommy Costello have been busy with the dozens of hours of video footage and audio files. It’s a gargantuan task.

Beginning this week, we’re rolling out teasers. Soon, we’ll have entire presentations available for online viewing.

Watch Dr. Gerd Heuschmann and his presentation, “Biomechanics of the Riding Horse:”

“You can never ride a supple horse if you are not supple yourself… My recommendation to those in dressage, jumping, eventing: look to the good cowboys in America, look to the seat, the independent seat…”











Check out Randy Rieman & Bryan Neubert in their evening of “Celebrating the Dorrance Legacy”

Says Rieman with a smile, “If you don’t like stories, now would be a good time to leave.”









Check out Dr. Sheryl King and her presentation, “Choices and Consequences: How even simple management decisions impact horse behavior and health”

Says Dr. King, “I have my own personal paradigm about horses and how they should be kept and what good management is to me. But scientifically, what constitutes good management?”











Watch the Best Horse Practices Summit conference trailer, with opening remarks from BHPS Director, Maddy Butcher



  1. Wow Maddy! I want more, more, more — looking forward to the complete videos! I took notes during these presentations, but your videos are much better than my notes. Looking forward to BHPS II.

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