Summit Testimonials

We heard high praise from many quarters for the inaugural Best Horse Practices Summit. Here are just a few:

  • It’s been an intense, mind-boggling couple of days at the Best Horse Practices Summit. I learned so much about horse brains, horse behavior, and horse-human connections. I met so many amazing horse people from so many different equestrian worlds. I bought so many books and DVDs. I have so many new ideas . . . And I had fun! Thank you, Maddy Butcher, Gerd Heuschmann, Dr. Steve Peters, and all other presenters, clinicians, volunteer, and participants, for expanding my horizons. Exciting times ahead!

Jim Thomas

Katrin Silva, New Mexico 

  • Thank you, Maddy Butcher, for your vision, your dedication, your hard work. Thank you for creating a space where horse people from many different worlds could come together, connect, and exchange ideas. Thank you for expanding our horizons and our comfort zones. Thank you for making us all realize that what we have in common is so much more important than the superficial differences between our styles and traditions of horse-humanship. I’m filled with new ideas. I’m also filled with gratitude. You’re the best!


  • Presenters Warwick Schiller, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, and Martin Black

    Congratulations on an outstanding event. I heard so many wonderful comments. I thought you might enjoy this picture of Gerd, Martin, and Warwick (see photo at right). Good horsemanship knows no country, culture, or discipline.

Linda Hoover, North Carolina

  • The best equine conference or clinic I’ve ever attended.

Paul Sherland, Texas

  • The whole thing was amazing.

Warwick Schiller

  • I thought the first Best Horse Practices Summit went very well. There was a great turnout, especially for the first year, and all the presenters were top notch. And it was really well organized. Usually the first year of an event is more of a learning experience on how to make it successful, but the Best Horse Practices Summit was successful out of the gate.

Martin Black

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  1. Thanks to the whole team for the Best Horse Practices Summit. It was a major coup to bring in Gerd Heuschmann, a hero pioneer in the vet world. Another unique feature was the cowboy conversation between Brian Neubert and Randy Reiman on their Dorrance brothers experiences. I enjoyed the Durango setting- and the Strater Hotel. Good job, Maddy, for leading this excellent venture.

  2. Wish I could have been at the summit: a bit too far from Australia…Were there any videos made of the presentations? Would love to see some !

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