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Dr. Petra Sullwold

Underneath a calm and present exterior is an hyperactive Dr. Petra Sullwold. Aside from maintaining her busy schedule of horse and human adjustments, Sullwold, an enthusiastic Best Horse Practices Summit sponsor, is hosting clinician Mark Rashid, and developing educational DVD’s like Stretch That Dog which we reviewed here. We sat down for a quick cup a tea to talk about recent developments in her world.

For starters, her Mark Rashid sessions will be held over the weekends at Escalante Ranch in Mancos, May 18 -20 and July 27 – 29. Auditors may attend for $35 per day.  Rider slots might be full already.  Contact Petra Sullwold at 970-903-8901 or email her at petra at equuschiropractic dot com or visit Rashid’s site here.

The research-focused chiropractor has recently started offering hemp oil (also known widely as CBD oil) to her human patients to treat pain and anxiety. The medicinal oil is also available to animals, but due to state laws, Sullwold can only offer it to human patients currently.

The Austrian-turned-Coloradan credits her patients for turning her on to CBD oil. “I’m not a person that likes to jump on trendy things,” said Sullwold. “But my clients kept asking me about it.”

So, she researched hemp oil’s delivery system, its side effects (there aren’t really any), and effectiveness. She found the best supply option: a company with high quality control and quantified delivery system. There are no pesticides, no heavy metals, or herbicides in the hemp oil she offers here.

Check out her affiliate site here

For those unfamiliar with the science and research behind hemp oil, check out the video by Dr. Chris Shade.

(As an aside, renowned horseman John Lyons has become so smitten with the benefits of hemp oil, he’s retired from horse work and is in the process of reorganizing his texas property for hemp oil production.)

“Riders are just hard-working people. We can be not very good at taking care of ourselves.”

Hemp oil helps with stiffness and tension as well as anxiety, she noted.

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