Season 3 Podcast Suggestions

We’re thrilled with suggestions for interviewees and topics for our third season. THANK YOU to all contributors, two of whom will receive gear from Patagonia WorkWear.

Submit a podcast suggestion or send us your feedback here.

Here’s a synopsis for your perusal:

From Robin:

Lester Buckley

I love your podcasts. The interviews are fabulous, and the content is varied. As a guest, I would recommend Lester Buckley. I have hosted clinics with him for many years, and he is a wealth of knowledge on many aspects of horses and horsemanship. He is exceedingly kind to both horse and rider, and I have never had an unhappy rider. Thanks for your work here!

From Cathi:

I like to hear ideas for maintenance training. Things to do to keep your horse interested, responsive, and well-exercised. There are plenty of resources for problems, but not so many about strategies for developing partnerships with a non-problem horse and keeping them engaged. (and keep from developing problems).

Also, many of us do not have our horses at home and are limited to shared space for riding, so tips and techniques that don’t involve having land. What to do to make daily arena rides good for the horse brain so they tune in and not turn off. 
Maybe training techniques for on the trail since every ride is a training ride no matter what the location. And when I talk about training, that’s for the human as well as the horse – for the partnership… How to get the brains and body in sync.

Interviewee suggestion: Dr. Deb Bennett,  Dr. Janet Jones

Mary Miller Jordan

From Charlene:

Mary Miller Jordan

From Wendee:

Celeste Leilani Lazaris 

From Tina:

I would like to suggest Tom Mayes. His practice is Integrated Equine Therapies. His combination of therapies is unique. 

I think listeners would find him fascinating and informative.

From Connie:

 I love my Patagonia shirt so much I am trying to think of a topic to recommend. But you all cover so much you are making it hard for me…Let’s see…maybe something about equines used for things other than riding–hauling, packing, therapies. Or maybe an interview with Ukrainian horse rescuers.

From Walden:

I especially enjoy listening to the podcasts with authors of books. I also enjoy the podcasts about horse behavior, particularly from the perspective of good trainers.

I like how your trainers often talk about what the rider is (unconsciously) doing that makes the horse behave the way they do, so the dynamic is understood more like a two-way street — not just “do this to correct the horse.” I guess that is standard in your world. I wish that were the case with my work world, in which so-called leaders never look to themselves as the potential source of the problem that needs correcting.

From Colette:

Carolyn Resnick
Thank you so for your articles and podcasts!

From Chris

I love the work you are doing and believe you are helping lots of people. Thank you. I have realized that I do not do well with online courses. I find I am too easily distracted and/or I just forget to show up. I am ready for some live/in person/with horses classes. 
I see Patagonia is a sponsor and am excited that they are recycling and reselling their products. I would enjoy seeing information about how to be better stewards of the earth AND have horses. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

From Susan:

Deborah Davies

From Kelly:

Please consider interviewing Anna Blake about her training techniques incorporating the recognition of equine “calming signals,” rehabilitation of the traumatized horse and what we can look forward to in best outcomes in the future of horsemanship?

From Joanna:

I’d like to suggest episodes that deal with approaching new equine endeavors that you may not have a lot of previous experience with. For example, how to get started with jumping, endurance and/or competitive trail riding, working equitation, dressage driving, mounted orienteering, or even mounted search and rescue. You could invite trainers or other professionals who work and/or compete in different disciplines to speak about what kind of skills a horse and rider will develop in these areas, why people might choose to try them, and how to go about getting started responsibly.

And from Jec and Maddy:

We would like to incorporate a running theme of embodying fitness and getting out there and riding! We value consistency in our podcast, of course, but most particularly with our horse work.

Sure, there are elements of training and riding that are steeped in tradition, but we believe some things evolve, some things are worth jettisoning for the betterment of our horses. Incorporating new knowledge is part of what keeps us on our toes and engaged in the process that is our lives and our progress with horses. 

We’re also interested in the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind horse work, yes, but most salient to this post, behind our podcast. Stay in touch and ride on!

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  1. I love my Patagonia shirt so much I am trying to think of a topic to recommend. But you all cover so much you are making it hard for me…Let’s see…maybe something about equines used for things other than riding–hauling, packing, therapies. Or maybe an interview with Ukrainian horse rescuers…

  2. I would suggest Josh Nichol for a podcast interview. I have worked with Josh for many years now and he has a lot to offer. He is very much in line with the topics which are covered in your podcast. Having said that, I guess you know that as he is participating in this year’s BestHorse Practices Summit. 🙂 Wish I could be there!

    I love the podcast! It is a favourite of mine as it deals with relevant topics and each subject is handled so well. Thank you!

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