Quick Emergency Rescue Tips

Dr. Rebecca Gimenez-Husted was enthusiastically received at the Best Horse Practices Summit, held earlier this month in Durango, Colorado. She is the president of Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue. 

Dr. Rebecca Gimenez-Husted

After the conference, she wrote:

It has been a week since we were synthesizing together – just wanted everyone to know how much I am STILL thinking about the presentations and associations made. So great to meet some of the people that I have heard about actually in person, and also to be present for some really amazing presentations!

Your hard work to bring all these people together in one place is really going to pay off into the future. I can’t wait to share the presentations with others in the horse industry. It takes constant vigilance to improve the educational level of every one of us – and by sharing this information I hope that many others will begin to think differently about their animals and methodologies.

Prusik knot

I asked Rebecca if she had some good resources for learning to tie a Prusik knot, a symmetrical slide-and-grip knot. A Prusik is a handy and essential knot in a host of emergency predicaments AND it’s a great knot to practice with Summit attendees’ lanyards from Knotty Girlz.

True to form, she replied promptly with these super helpful pages:

Check out this page for an index of animated knots. Scroll down and see the Prusik knot in the lower right quadrant.

The Washington State Animal Response Team published this PDF of how to make an emergency halter from a length of rope as well as a guide to tying a quick-release know. View the PDF here.

Happy knot tying!

Read more about the custom lanyards from Knotty Girlz here.

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