On the Fence: Adult Learning

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In this episode, we talk about adult learning. It’s a topic suggested by Natalie in Montana and we got help bouncing it around from Liz and Chris in California.

Maddy Butcher works with Katrin Silva

Natalie is working on a ranch and taking riding lessons. She sees others roping calves and doctoring them and asks: Can I ever succeed at that level?

As it happens, co-host Maddy Butcher was doing some adult learning with a few lessons from Katrin Silva in Santa Fe. Katrin’s book, Ride with Feel: A Guide for the Rest of Us will be out soon.

Our title sponsor is Lucerne Farms, producers of quality forage feeds.  I talked with Hannah James the other day. She helps run Lucerne and was up in Aroostock County, near their fields. Aroostook County is better known as “the county” in Maine. At nearly seven thousand square miles, it is by far the biggest county east of the Mississippi.

It is a very busy time of year for a forage company and Hannah had to keep it short because there was so much to do. But she let me know that Lucerne continues to be super supportive of what we’re doing here AND of what we’re doing at the Best Horse Practices Summit, the non-profit education conference in Kentucky this October. So thank you, Lucerne Farms.

Ray and Barry’s first time seeing themselves and first time in an indoor arena!

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Here is a great article on adult learning.

Top points to keep in mind, as mentioned by Liz:

  • Find a great mentor and stay away from yahoos.
  • Trust your instincts around safety, money spending, etc.
  • Realize it’s going to take time. Be patient. Build your toolbox for every situation.

Also, she said: keep your beginner’s mind.

Chris Ellsworth

Chris Ellsworth’s suggestions:

  • Over time you’re going to gain a bit of natural ease with what you do. It’s important not to worry about it. Worrying tends to get in the way.
  • Get past thinking that there is only one way. Think critically.
  • A good mentor is someone who would be happy to see you surpass their ability someday.
  • Reg Flags: Disrespect from a trainer or having him/her teaching something that does not improve you.

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Listen to Episode 3

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