Miles & Minutes

Welcome Mustang Miles & Minutes, a BestHorsePractices feature about the personal horsemanship journey of aRaechel Nelson and two wild horses she adopted from the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro program.

The Miles & Minutes purpose is to help highlight the dire need for more responsible adopters for BLM horses and burros as well as the incredible challenges of doing right by these animals as their world turns upside down and becomes one of domestication.

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Watch introductory video.

Read Miles & Minutes, part I, bringing them home.

Miles & Minutes, II, removing the necklace & enjoying baby time.

Miles & Minutes, III, getting help & getting wild.

Miles & Minutes, IV, TIP trainer, West Taylor’s work & progress. Part A and Part B

Miles & Minutes, V, Ali moves to a new enclosure. Zita explores the neighborhood.

Miles & Minutes, VI, Ali advances with ground work. Zita stretches her legs.

Miles & Minutes, VII, Nelson reflects on her own progress and her horse’s progress.

Miles & Minutes, VIII, Nelson has an Ah-Helmet Moment. She discusses the decision to don a helmet before stepping aboard.

Raechel’s journey, you’ll discover, is one of miles and minutes. They are filled with miles and minutes –  tiny, split-second decisions as well as long stretches of what non-horse folks might call boredom.

Miles & Minutes is generously sponsored by Redmond Equine.

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