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jimFor more than a decade, Jim Masterson has been doing good works for horses in the way of massage, tension release, and interactive body work. He’s traveled with the US Endurance team to Malaysia, Germany, and Chile and treated the team’s equine athletes. He’s presented at major horse expos in the U.S. and Australia. He’s helping humans, too, by teaching his methods in the U.S. and the U.K.
Want a taste of the Masterson Method?

Here are links to scores of free videos:

General training videos

Clip from Masterson Method, Beyond Horse Massage DVD

Improving Lateral Flexion

Learn about the Bladder Meridian

Releasing Tension in a Resistant Horse

jim_masterson_relaxedWorking with the Horse’s Hind Legs

Releasing tension in the poll.

Releasing tension in the TMJ and Jaw

Ways to help your horse relax

Herd behavior and working with your horse

Masterson Method Head Down Technique

Release Tension in the Neck-Shoulders-Withers Junction

Thanks, Jim!

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