Episode 7: Trish Lemke & A Different Kind of Horse Work

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This is Episode 7 of Season 4, and in it, Jec talks with Trish Lemke, a Colorado horsewoman who leads amazing horse-riding trips across the globe and is a certified Equine Interactional Professional in Education and certified Martha Beck Life Coach. Find her website here and her Facebook page here.

This conversation is a great one to wedge into a series of episodes in which we’re talking about, not just mental health, but our comfort zones, expanding our comfort zones, and being aware of our place in horse-rider partnerships. Expanding comfort zones can mean all kinds of things, whether its skills or geography, new horses or new disciplines. Here, as Jec and Trish discuss, it often comes back to the ‘why.’  What is your intention?

Trish Lemke

And speaking of horses and mental health…Many of you already know that our horse vets are facing a real crisis. It is a stressful job and there’s a vet shortage, especially in rural areas. Vets have high suicide rates. Daniel Dauphin aired a lengthy interview with Dr. Mallory Preston about all this which you can listen to here.  And we are teaming with Patagonia WorkWear to show our support. If you know of a vet who could use a lift, contact us here.

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Trish leads an Argentina trek early next year

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Hey – Fall is in the air here in Colorado. The geese are gathering and setting up, it seems, for their long migrations south. What are your fall plans? We’d love to hear from you.

That’s it. Another episode in the can and out of the barn. Thanks for listening, y’all!

Listen to Episode 7

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