Episode 30: Running, Riding, Core Fitness

Listen to Episode 30: Running, Riding, Core Fitness

This episode is dedicated to a listener question from Julie in New Mexico. Her question has to do with cross training. A lot of us like to do other activities aside from riding – yoga, swimming, or, in this case, running.

As it happens, Jec and I are both runners. So is Katrin Silva, a Best Horse Practices Summit presenter and part of the Cayuse Collaborative Clinic initiative.

Together, we chat about cross-training in general and running specifically. We talk about the importance of core strength for riding and running. I’ve always felt that core strength and paying attention to the fitness of tiny little core muscles, not just those typical six pack abdominal muscles, is where a lot of us could stand to dedicate a bit more attention and time.

Jec Ballou

We have some excellent articles from guest columnists on best horse practicesdot com  and I will link to them in our show notes.

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See you later, Season Two! This is our 30th episode and our 60th since we started this shindig less than two years ago. We’ll be back soon for our third season.

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Do you consider yourself an athlete?

Do you feel connected to your body?

Maybe these are weird questions. But I’m truly curious about the intersection of horse work and athleticism. I’ve observed that a lot of riders don’t seem to consider themselves athletes and don’t consider riding a sport as much as a job, pastime, or recreational activity. That’s a shame, I think. When we hold our own fitness, training, conditioning, and body awareness to a higher standard, we necessarily elevate our connection to our horses and make it possible to do more, be more, connect more. It matters. Short term and long term. In the moment and over the years. Fitness and agility matter. What do you think?

LINKS to Core Fitness articles

Core Insight from Katrin Silva

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Core Strength Moves with David Stickler

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Listen to Episode 30: Running, Riding, Core Fitness

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  1. From Randy Winter: I related to Episode 30 in two ways as an Endurance Rider. During Endurance events you can run with your horse as much as you want. Not only did I enjoy running with my horse but it allowed me to use different muscles during the day. I mostly ran the downhills. Easier on the horse and easier for me to run longer distances.
    I also connected with the idea of developing an efficient, rhythmic and in tune post. Conditioning a horse for a 50 mile ride requires many hours and many miles posting a trot. Both your body and your horse tell you when you are in tune and efficient. During the many hours, miles and repetitions small changes in posture, position and tack result in a post that you can endure for long periods of time and smile about. A strong bond is developed between you and your horse when both of you realize you are effortlessly gliding along the trail. Your horse appreciates and enjoys the in tune movement just as much as you do. Happy Trails indeed!

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