Episode 18: Trailer Loading & Gender Gyrations

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We debut Gender Gyrations, a conversation around gender bias in our horse communities. With comments from listeners and Mustang Maddy, who posted recently: “five signs you’re in a toxic relationship with a clinician” It received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

We’re interested in bringing issues to light and offering tools for improvement. Since so much of our humanship trickles over to our work with horses, we think that this discussion is in keeping with our podcast mission. Oh, and yes, we’re going to get around to talking about gender bias with horses, too, as in the ways humans discriminate against horses because they are geldings or mares or studs.

Also, a great discussion around trailering and trailer loading and unloading with Jec and horsewoman Amy Skinner, after a listener writes in about this topic. Loading and unloading horses from trailers truly condenses and magnifies all that you have going on with your horses. So this information is excellent for riders everywhere.

Thanks to our generous sponsors: Lucerne Farms, Redmond Equine, Horse & Rider Books, Patagonia WorkWear and Kate’s Real Food.

Listen to Episode 18

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