Episode 13: Motivation, Communication, Progress

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In our first episode of 2021, Jec and Maddy meet for the recurring segment, On the Fence, to talk about elements of horsemanship and horse work that folks often dismiss or ignore: motivation, communication, and intention. They are essential elements of making progress with ourselves and our horses.

The duo starts with the idea of New Year’s Resolutions. We know they often fail. So, how about considering intentions and improvements? How about identifying areas of strength and weakness? Jec and Maddy discuss how they strive to make progress and where they have found impediments to that journey. Restarting and walking back a problem can often seem like a retreat or failure. But building up a new foundation like this can be a journey rife with rewards. At right, Maddy works with her rescued Tennessee Walker, Barry.

Jec suggests naming your goals. Declare them to yourself, write them down, make sure your friends and mentor know about them. Let’s talk accountability this year!

Congratulations to Travis and Sarah. They will receive Patagonia WorkWear items of their choice as part of our effort to honor frontline workers. Stay tuned for more WorkWear giveaways soon!

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Listen to Episode 13: Motivation, Communication, Progress

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