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For years, our readers have enjoyed the news and perspective from horsewoman Amy Skinner of Essence Horsemanship. Through dozens of guest columns, Skinner has conveyed wisdom and thoughtfulness that belie her age (she’s 27). Read her articles here.

This year, Skinner took her talents and horses from Michigan to North Carolina, where she now works with BestHorsePractices Summit presenter, Jim Thomas.

At Bar T Horsemanship in Pittsboro, Thomas takes in a wide range of horse projects and starts scores of colts for owners of all disciplines. He described the work:

“We build a strong foundation for the horse, no matter the discipline. These young horses are exposed to arena work, trail rides, lots of horse-human time. We stress them in order to expand their bubble, so that they are open to learning a lot. When they leave here, after one to three months, they leave with a smile on their face. I think they’re saying, ‘Hey, my time with humans has been pretty good so far!’” said Thomas.

Skinner rides English and Western and has been a student at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Spain and with Buck Brannaman, Brent Graef, and many others.

“Amy is working out beautifully. She’s a hard worker and I trust her,” said Thomas. “Too many trainers think you need to be harder, stronger, tougher, and meaner when you run into a problem with a horse. Amy is not too quick to scold. She understands the patience required with horse work. She understands enough to say to the horse, ‘let’s back up, find solid ground, and then we can move forward.’”

Good job, Amy! Sounds like a great arrangement for horses and humans alike.

You’ll be able to visit with Skinner and Thomas at the BestHorsePractices Summit.

Amy’s “office” at Bar T Horsemanship

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