Evidence-Based Horsemanship Seminar

Evidence-Based Horsemanship Seminar in Mancos, Colorado

Evidence-Based Horsemanship is a collaboration between neuropsychologist Dr. Stephen Peters and horseman Martin Black, two men highly regarded in their respective fields. The two have used their decades of experience in neurIMG_0468oscience (Peters) and empirical evidence (Black) to understand the horse’s brain, anatomy and natural behavior so that we can incorporate into our horse training and care. The pair have written a book, produced a DVD, and traveled internationally to present their findings.

At this seminar (the only one in 2016!), you’ll have the opportunity to slowly digest, discuss and ask them about their thoughts during the seminars.

In the morning sessions, attendees will learn all about horse brain structure and development, neurochemistry, neuroanatomy, horse behavior as it relates to brain function, and how to apply that knowledge to proper training and management practices.

The afternoon sessions will be spent in a controlled environment (round pen or arena at the nearby Medicine Horse Center) where Black will demonstrate and reinforce concepts learned in morning sessions. Participants will observe demonstrations and learn directly from Black’s Martin Black and Stephen Petershands-on lessons using evidence-based methods, and will have the opportunity to put the concepts to use themselves (subject to number of participants).

Register below for seminar, November 18-20. $400.

Price includes the daily seminars with Martin and Dr. Peters, an Evidence-Based Horsemanship book, accompanying EBH workbook, and lunches by local gourmet eatery.

Friday evening: Welcome session at the Mancos Public Library with booklet handout, Meet & Greet, PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Peters and discussion with Peters and Black. Beverages served.

Saturday & Sunday: Morning sessions dedicated to audio-video presentation at the Mancos Public Library by Peters, followed by discussion and Q & A session with Peters and Black. Afternoon sessions dedicated to demonstration horse work at a nearby indoor arena with Black and discussion with Peters and Black. Beverages served. Lunch served.

Discussion on Evidence Based Horsemanship with Dr. Stephen Peters, left and Martin Black. Scenes from the 29th annual National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada. February 1, 2013. (Photo by Jessica Brandi Lifland)

Photo by Jessica Brandi Lifland

Please Note: You will be sent to PayPal for payment. All funds after October 1 are non-refundable.

Registration is NOT complete until payment is made. Any questions please email [email protected] OR call Maddy Butcher at (207) 504 7837.

Lunch will be provided.

Are you local and interested in attending? Attend the Friday evening session with our compliments. Space is limited. Click here for more information.

Flights & Lodging:

For flight arrangements, we recommend flying into Durango OR Cortez. (Durango is 28 miles away. Cortez is 18 miles away.) You might also consider avoiding flying through Denver as weather may cancel flights at this time of year. (Try Dallas/Fort Worth.)

For lodging, we recommend the Mesa Verde Motel.

and the Medicine Horse Center has its own lovely rental. Check it out here.

For additional lodging suggestions, check out the Mancos Inn OR click here for a local directory.

For Durango lodging suggestions, click here.

For Cortez lodging suggestions, click here.


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