More on Wildfire Prep

We got a great response from our articles by Maddy Butcher and Dr. Rebecca Gimenez on wildfire preparation and hazards. Here are some helpful additions sent from enthusiastic readers, Willis Lamm and Monique Warren. From Lamm: In close to 45 years of dealing with these […]

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  • Wildfire Preparations & Need-to-Know’s

    In the western U.S., many owners rarely have their horses confined to a barn. But when wildfire approaches, it’s no less important to be prepared and follow safe measures getting out of harm’s way. Read more about Barn Fire issues.  When my neighborhood participated in […]

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  • Anatomy of a Brace

    Editor’s Note: Amy Skinner is a regular guest columnist and has been a horse gal since age six. She will present an arena demonstration with fellow trainer and rider, Katrin Silva, at the Best Horse Practices Summit. She rides and teaches dressage and Western. Skinner […]

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