– Balancing Sense & Science

We review research and ask two big questions:

  • ‘Is it good science?’
  • “Does it relate to me and my horses?’

We review goods & services:

  • ‘Does research support what’s advertised?’
  • ‘Does it work with my horses?’

bhpsLayman’s Translation: Abstracts and scientific papers are easier to understand when you read our layman’s translation of academic jargon, with links to the original source.

Fact-checking: See how goods & services stack up from an objective, scientific perspective. We strip away the hype and dig for value. We test the accuracy of a product against what we know from research.

Attend our Evidence-Based Horsemanship Seminar in Mancos, Colorado.

We’re home to the BestHorsePractices Summit, in exciting new conference in October, 2017.

The BestHorsePractices Summit will feature these excellent presenters: best-selling author Wendy Williams, Dr. Sheryl King, Warwick Schiller, Martin Black, Jim Thomas, Dr. Steve Peters, and more.

Read more about it.

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