Three Great Reasons to attend Evidence-Based Horsemanship Seminar

Next month, Dr. Steve Peters and Martin Black will give students a treat with this year’s only Evidence-Based Horsemanship Seminar.

aaa2The two-and-a-half day package will be in beautiful Mancos, Colorado on November 18-20. There, the cowboy-scientist team will conduct morning classroom sessions and afternoon work in a nearby arena.

It promises to be a life-changing learning experience, if past seminars can serve as precedent. Why? Because you’ll come away¬† looking at your behavior or your horse’s behavior in a new, informed light. The education will have immediate, beneficial impact on your horse-rider connection.

Here’s a tease of what students will learn:

Do Horses Know the difference between Good Learning and Bad Learning?

How can Riders Teach their Horses to be Super Learners?

Understand Horse Brain Function in order to Improve your Horse Work.

Check out seminar details here.

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