THE Conference with Substance and Principles

Dr. Gerd Heuschmann

As you read about the presenters at the Best Horse Practices Summit, especially the ones delivering academic presentations, you’ll notice a common thread: they’re all going against the industry grain.

  • They will not tell you that spending more money will help your horse.
  • They will not tell you that if you just add this regimen or that supplement or this piece of equipment, then your problems will be solved.

More likely, they will advocate less stuff and more knowledge. Why? Because horses need their owners and riders to be empowered with more knowledge and less stuff. Owners and riders need more mental and physical tools in their tool boxes.

We’ve selected these presenters because they have consistently put their principles and research over monetary gain. That’s often meant that they have tolerated discord from industry insiders. They have ruffled more than a few feathers.


We say, welcome to the Summit!

It’s for that same discord that you might feel uneasy when coming away from a conventional horse expo. Can you hear your horse asking you, ‘what was in it for me?’

We felt the same way when we brought together a steering committee and formed this non-profit, the Best Horse Practices Summit. We have worked hard to offer you a conference of substance, with meat on its bones, with offerings that have direct, positive impact on your horse-human partnerships.

To all those who’ve registered, thanks for joining us on this ride!

For those who have yet to sign on, we’re pretty sure your horse is asking you, ‘what’s the hold up?’

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